FSV Fysiek
Back to the Future
Het verleden, het heden, de toekomst…van fysiotherapie!

Abstract indienen ?

Het wordt groots!

Via de voorverkoop
zijn reeds meer dan
250 tickets verkocht,
daarnaast zijn er
via de site

tickets verkocht

Voor de Nederlandse pagina, klik hier: https://fysiekcongres.nl/tickets/


You can purchase the tickets you wish on this page. It is possible to order multiple tickets at once, so that you can also arrange this for friends and colleagues. The tickets are listed per category.

Choose your tickets
You add the tickets you want to your shopping cart by clicking ‘Add to shopping cart’. When you have all the desired tickets in your shopping cart, you can click on ‘cart’ to go to your shopping cart and start the ordering process.

Fill in details of the orderer and participant(s)
In the order you will first enter your own data (the orderer / buyer) and also the data for whom you are getting the tickets (the participant(s) / attendee(s)). The participant details are necessary, because these will automatically appear on the tickets. Are you only getting 1 ticket, just for yourself? Then you have to fill in your details for both the orderer and the participant (sorry – that’s the technology that comes back from the future).

Pay with iDeal
You then pay for the tickets via iDeal, this is done automatically.

Tickets by email
You will receive an email with a download link within a few moments after successful payment. The specified participants will also receive an email in which their ticket can be downloaded.

Note: Tickets can be ‘upgraded’ for an additional fee until May 1, 2022 by emailing us (info@fysiekcongres.nl), ‘downgrading’ is not possible. The right to review tickets is 14 days, this also applies to savings plans.

Working Physio’s and non-members

Student, not a member of Fysiek

Working Physio’s

  • Working Physio (Conference + Diner + Party)
    Add to cart €170
  • Working Physio (Conference)
    Add to cart €150

FSV Fysiek
members and alumni

Student (member of Fysiek)

  • FSV Fysiek studentlmember (Passe-Partout) 
  • FSV Fysiek studentmember (Conference only)
    Add to cart €75

For FSV Fysiek tickets it’s vital to be a member of FSV Fysiek. The reference date is 1st of november 2021.

FSV Fysiek tickets are invalid for non-members (and won’t be refunded).

Alumnus (lid van Fysiek)

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