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Abstract Submission
The past, the present, the future…off physiotherapy!

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``Showing your work, having a chance on €100,- and getting a big discount. Sounds good, right?``

Big discount on your ticketprice? Win a prize? Getting a chance on the podium?

Did you write (or are you writing) a nice thesis and should it be shared with more viewers? Do you want to present it during the conference? Abstract submissons are now open!

The deadline of submitting an abstract is 17 april 2022. It can be submitted by emailing it to info@fysiekcongres.nl.

Before the 1st of May 2022 you’ll be noticed if you are selected.

The top three of best abstracts will be in the ‘Talent Paper Session’ on friday. The presentation will be in English so all the international key-note speakers can judge to see who is the best! And the winner of this session will win a price of €100,-.

There will be an audience award of  €100,- as well, for the the best poster!
(nb. its’s not to possible to win both prizes by one person)

We hope youve become enthousiastic and want to make the conference an even better one! If you have any questions, feel free to mail to info@fysiekcongres.nl


You can chose from two forms:

  • Oral of 10 minutes, including questions from the audience.
  • Posterpresentation, during the breaks (including a postertour).

They’ll both be on the friday (13th of May). Tell your preference of presentationform in your submission.


The abstract should be submitted by the presenting author. The submitter recieves all notifications and is responsible for uploading the poster and/or the PowerPoint presentation.

Abstract requirements

The most important function of the abstract is to show you will have an added value to the conference. We’ll share the abstracts on forehand with the audience, so you may grab attention with it.


The submitted abstract may only be selected if its submitted before the deadline and forfills all requirements:

Lay Out

  • Maximal 400 woords, including title, excluding references
  • Linespacing 1.5
  • No empty lines between paragraphs, no tabs, no indent or extra spaces
  • Written in English (so all our guests can read it)


The abstract must contain all the following elements:

  1. Title
  2. Authors/Affiliations
  3. Introduction
  4. Objective(s)
  5. Methods
  6. Results*
  7. Conclusion
  8. Clinical Relevance; answering the question: “What does it add to the value of my mothers/fathers/a students life?”
  9. References (max. 5)

*Preliminary results are allowed.

If your abstract is accepted, you are obliged to present at the conference. In order to do so, you recieve a discount of 50% on the conferenceprice or 25% on the passe-partout price (or conference/diner/party price). You’ll get this discount even if you already bought a ticket.

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