Dr. Digna van de Bovenkamp- de Kam

FSV Fysiek Congres; Back to the Future / Dr. Digna van de Bovenkamp- de Kam

Dr. Digna van de Bovenkamp- de Kam

Towards state-of-the art balance rehabilitation


Digna haar wetenschappelijk werk richt zich op evenwichts- en looprevalidatie en valpreventie bij neurologische en ouder wordende populaties. Ze streeft ernaar om state-of-the-art kennis op dit gebied in de klinische praktijk te implementeren door middel van onderwijsactiviteiten in zowel postdoctorale als bachelor fysiotherapie cursussen.


Towardsstate-of-the art balance rehabilitation. Individuals with neurological conditions, such as stroke and Parkinson’s disease, often lack the ability to control their balance in complex situations, eventually resulting in a high risk of falls. For example, they struggle with balance control when walking outside, which often requires adaptations of the gait pattern to different terrains (i.e. sidewalks, uneven surfaces etc) or changing circumstances (i.e. traffic). These gait adaptations challenge proactive balance control as they alter the position of the body center-of-mass and foot placement. In addition to pro-active balance control deficits, individuals with neurological conditions are often impaired in their ability to counteract balance perturbations (reactive balance control). These deficits are most pronounced in response to larger perturbations, which require a stepping response to avoid falling. In the lecture, new insights in proactive and reactive balance control will be presented along with state-of-the-art rehabilitation strategies.